Circo Abu Dhabi

Italian cuisine

Circo offers Italian flair built upon a foundation of signature Tuscan recipes from the kitchen of Maccioni matriarch Egidiana and prepared by Chef Matteo. The menu is served in a lively setting reminiscent of the old-style European circus tents which inspired the restaurant’s name. The menu features signature Tuscan dishes with authentic recipes passed down through the generations of the Maccioni family who founded the restaurant.

Circo’s dining room takes guests on a journey from the lively streets of Abu Dhabi to a playful European carnival tent through its imaginative and charming design. The radiant colour palette and cheerful decor create a vibrant, whimsical and dynamic ambiance that is enhanced by luxurious interior design.


Region of the month : Campania

Campania’s largest city is Naples, then it is no surprise that Neapolitan cuisine has greatly influenced the specialties of this region. Fresh seafood is abundant as well as the pizza which is very well known across the world. These are the flavors of the region in August.

Movie Night

Every Monday from 19:00 – 23:00
Enjoy a fabulous culinary feast paired with a classic Italian movie. Embark on a journey through the lively Italian cinema as you enjoy a casual yet colourful experience.

A la carte menu

Summer Special Set Menu

Every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, from 19:00 to 23:00

Experience the best of Circo with our Summer Special Dinner Set Menu. Enjoy a 3-course Tuscan feast and embark on a sensational culinary performance. 

Special set menu AED120*

Business Lunch

Everyday, from 12:00 to 15:30

Add a touch of Italian flair to your lunch break at Circo. 

AED95* 2 courses menu
3 courses menu
Prices include unlimited water, soft drinks and coffee or tea. 

 *All prices are subject to 10% service charge, 6% tourism fee and 4% municipality fee.

Chef Matteo


Matteo Fontana’s experience started when he joined the Institute Carlo Porta in Milan. Once he finished his studies he moved to Ragusa Ibla in Sicilia to work with the 2 Michelin Stars Chef Ciccio Sultano at the Duomo Restaurant.
In 2010 he had contributed to organized, with Sultano the Abu Dhabi Gourmet in 2013, plus a number of VIP events in Italy. He joined Aimo e Nadia to work with the 2 Michelin Stars Chefs Negrini & Pisani who offered Matteo the position of Sous Chef.

In November 2014 Circo Abu Dhabi opened, and Matteo was asked to join the new team for the opening of this New York Restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

What people say

I spend one week during Easter vacation in Abu Dhabi with my family and this restaurant for me is the best italian in the city. I had a great experience. The food was amazing especially the tortelli with lobster recommended by the chef Matteo.
Camille L., Nice place and nice food
Thank to a welcoming and friendly as well as highly professional approach of the Manager Gianluca and of course thank to the great cuisine of Chef Matteo this is a Restaurant where you will keep coming. Whether for a lunch an aperitive evening or for your dinner, this is a true Italian experience that you will not forget.
drcool63, Un Ristorante dove bisogna tornare
The restaurant offers a lovely “Aperitivo” or Cocktail party for larger groups at a great price that includes two drinks and a good number of delicious, tasty bites throughout the evening. I had about 40 guests and everyone enjoyed themselves. Service, food & price were excellent! Thanks GianLuca & staff!
Lucia S., Cocktailparty for a large group